Israel and other Destiantions

Israel + Jordan

Departures to Petra from Eilat, round trip on the day.

From the southern city of Eilat, we can spend a day tour to Petra, one of the wonders of the world, spending all day touring its streets and palaces dug in the desert rock

Programs of three days, two nights in Jordan that are inserted in the trip to Israel, taking a break between Galilee and Jerusalem, crossing the border through the Sheik Hussein Pass and visiting Jerahs, the Middle Eastern Rome, Mount Nebo, from where Moses observes the Promised Land, Madaba, with its famous Byzantine Church, Petra, one of the wonders of the world carved in the rock and finally Amman, passing again to Israel through the Allenby pass, and then following our through this country.

After The Steps Of Saint Paul

A journey that begins in the Holy Land, traveling the roads of San Pablo, visiting the Golan roads where probably received Jesus and is blind, the port of Caesarea from where he embarked to his pilgrimages and on his final trip to Rome, from the Holy Land We will continue our way to Greece where we will visit Athens, Delphi, Kalambaka, Meteora, Veria, then we will continue to Turkey where we will visit Capadoccia, Pamukkale, Konya, Ephesus, Izmir and Istanbul to finally arrive in Rome

Israel + Italy

In Italy we can visit the sanctuaries of Assisi, Padua, San Giovanni Rotondo, as well as the city of Rome with its museums and historical remains and to attend the public Wednesday of the Pope on Wednesday.

Israel + Turkey

Istanbul, its markets, monuments, navigate the Bosphorus strait between Asia and Europe, a city that preserves the beauties and characteristics of the past, together with the power of the new metropolis.

Pewro Turkey is not only istanbul, we will visit Capadoccia and the famous Valley of Love, the fabulous flights in balloons, the underground city where the first Christians were hiding, and much more for a trip that will remain forever in your memory

night turkey

Israel + Spain (Sefarad)

We will cross the roads of the Jewish Sefarad, the roads of the Cabala and the Juderias of Toledo, Segovia, Caceres, Herbas, Seville, Cordoba and Granada. We will enjoy the music of the Jewish Quarters, and the typical foods of the 14th century.

Israel + Greece

Athens and its millenary history, the monasteries of Meteora suspended in the mountains, the islands bathed in a transparent blue sea, past and present, culture and recreation, typical and international meals, in an unforgettable journey through a dream country.

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