Cycle tourism

If you like ecotourism, pedal in search of exotic places, if you try a pleasant climate in the cold

winter times we invite you to make a bike circuit with us through israel.

The desert occupies 60% of the territory of the State of Israel and is characterized by having shores on two seas, the Mediterranean in the West, the Red Sea in the South and the (Lake), Dead Sea in the East, with less than 100 mm. of annual average rainfall. Between the months of October to March enjoy an ideal climate and a privileged scenario.

We will supply logistics assistance in hotels, meals, snacks, maps, guides, as well as technical and mechanical equipment for your own bicycles as rented.

If you want to know the land of prophets, travel the paths of Jesus of Nazareth, pedal through the places where the Good News is heard, the Sermon on the Mount, Nazareth, Tabor, Capernaum, The Multiplication of Bread and Fish, the Sea from Galilee, come with us with your bike or without it.


Photography Tour

The opportunity to combine your holidays with your passion for photography, Israel offers like no other country the possibility of photographing mountain and snow scenarios together with a few kilometers with desert and sand, flora and fauna that respond to these two different regions and above all photograph the history and the present with which we will meet at each step. If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced photographer, our tour guides and photographers

professionals will guide you on this magical trip that will be registered forever.


Culinary Tour

Is there a typical Israeli kitchen? North Africa, East or West Europe, Middle East, what do you think represents us the most? Enjoy a particular culinary experience, decide which is the typical Israeli cuisine, and taste the most representative dishes of the new Israeli Cheffs, we will help you, and at the same time we will taste the best wines produced by the country.


Marathon and Triathlon

The marathon of Jerusalem in March, the one in Tel Aviv in February, the one in Tiberias in January, together with the Israman of Eilat in the same month, gives us the opportunity to invite them to these activities with surprising natural and historical frameworks and after giving the best of everyone in the competition, stay a few days of tranquility and walk. We provide everything you need, registration to the competition, transfers to and from the point of departure and arrival, technical assistance, of course hotel and everything you may need


Helicopter ride

The opportunity to see Israel and its surroundings in a completely new way – from the heavens! The helicopters offer a bird’s-eye view of Israel with comfort and style. Helicopter tours offer a new perspective on Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Masada and many other important places in Israel.

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Kayak in the Jordan River

In the river that so many times names the old and the new testament we will have the opportunity to navigate its rapids and enjoy its backwaters, an activity that unites spirituality with sport, religiosity with recreation, in synthesis a unique experience.

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Zap - Windsurfing - Kitesurfing - Canoes - Catamaran

In the transparent waters of the Mediterranean, we will teach you the secrets of these disciplines, if enjoying the water, the sun and the wind is part of you, you just have to contact us, we will pick you up from your hotel to the beach and again we will return you, after a day full of adrenaline.


Nights in the desert

A special experience for special people, families, couples or groups can enjoy the “discomfort” of sleeping under thousands and thousands of stars, listening to the silence interrupted only by the faint sounds of nature, waking up at dawn to explore the desert and see the animals of the area, it will be an experience you will never forget


Balloon flights or Glider

A romantic way to see the landscapes of Israel. Have you ever wanted to feel like a bird, glide smoothly through the heavens? Well, it’s time for you to go with us to a hot air balloon or a glider and live a different adventure on the skies of Israel … We’ll put it in the air over the Israeli desert in the south or in the incredible area of Mount Gilboa in the north.

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Excursions in Jeeps or Quads

In the desert or on the mountain, crossing dry riverbeds or climbing sand dunes, you can make a different excursion, we design the safest and most suitable activity for you, you can manage yourself, take a guide, or both. Walks from a few hours to several days.


Circuits that will take us 5000 years back in time, through dry river beds, deserts and mountains, paths that surprisingly show us the agriculture and technology of the 21st century, a constant passage between the past, the present and the future. Unique tours through the paths of the Old and New Testaments, in each valley in each corner we will see the characters who made our history, who preached that they fought battles. From the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of ​​Galilee, from the Desert to the Snowy Summits, from Nazareth to Capernaum (following the ways of Jesus), from Yafo to Jerusalem

(following the path of Christian pilgrims from the Byzantine era), are just some of the routes that can be made, ending the day in a posada or hotel with all services where we will replenish forces for the challenge of the next day, you can also choose for mixed tourism, that is to say days or half days of hikes, followed by traditional bus rides.



Participate in a dive session guided by professional underwater guides, a dive baptism or register for a certified diver course, all in the spectacular underwater landscape of the Red Sea.

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