Jewish Tourism


We are specialists in the planning and organization of trips for institutions that seek to complete visits to Israel from the past and present, with specific themes of work and research. We put at your disposal professionals in the study of the past, and speakers to discuss the present and possible futures. We will be able to visit formation and research centers to enter the Israel of today and in which its tomorrow is outlined.


A Bar or Bat Mitzva, an important anniversary, wanting to travel to Israel to share with the family, it does not matter

the reason, just the desire to travel to ERETZ, to celebrate life …, we propose you to tell us your most important wishes, a long cherished dream, we will give you form and content and we will make it come true.

A Bar Mitzvah ceremony in a balloon over the valley of Israel ?, a dinner in the deep desert lit only with fire of lamps and biblical music in the background ?, A race in Viking ships by the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv, with the gong of the drum marking the rhythm ?, everything can be part of a unique and different experience designed only for you and your family.

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